Video Marketing has the kind of reach that any business with the goal of growth needs. As a Real Estate agency, videos are now more relevant than ever. Here we tell you all about it to get started.

Video marketing is a powerful tool that every real estate agent should utilise. With the almost complete digitisation of the real estate industry, digital assets such as videos are becoming increasingly relevant. Before you pass listing videos as a mere trend, let us convince you about the importance of video marketing for real estate.

Importance Of Video In Marketing

As mentioned above, videos are becoming more and more relevant in today’s age. Cisco, a multinational technology conglomerate, earlier projected that by 2021, 80% of all internet traffic will be video only, and it sure seems this way. The internet is full of content and information, and the fact that most of the content is in a video format should tell you something.

One of the main reasons why many corporations and businesses opt for video marketing is because of its strength in relaying information. According to the 3M Corporation and Zabisco, the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Hence why search engines like Google are constantly optimising their web pages to cater to human-preferred content. Therefore, it is up to 50 times easier to reach rank 1 on Google if your web page has videos.

Here are some more interesting facts:

  • Videos are used by over 87% of online marketers, according to Outbrain.
  • An introductory email that features a video receives an increased click-through rate of 96%, according to Implix.
  • BombBomb reports that 90% of its users reported that video helped them stay in touch with their clients more effectively.

Video Marketing thus needs to be at the heart of your Real Estate Digital Marketing strategy. To know more about it, read our prior blog on the topic.

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Importance Of Video Marketing For Real Estate

Importance Of Video Marketing For Real Estate

Now let us talk about the importance of video marketing for real estate. There is a reason why so many real estate agents swear by it. According to a report by Mashable in 2017, 73% of homeowners say they’re more likely to list with a realtor offering to do a listing video. These numbers have only gone up as more and more real estate agencies have begun to include videos with their listings. On real estate-specific sites, listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than listings without video.

73% of homeowners say they’re more likely to list with a realtor offering to do a listing video.


Video content ensures more eyes on your listings and generates more conversions. Videos can relay emotions and tell stories that pictures just can not do. Videos, when done correctly, can be an exciting medium to tell your agency’s story. It helps make a powerful connection between the agency and customers, which leads to more trust and more business.

Real estate videos also help generate more traffic for your website through search engine optimisation (SEO). This means more and more eyes on your listing. These videos can then also be shared on your social media accounts for even more engagement.

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Reasons To include Videos In Real Estate Marketing

Now that we have gone over the importance of video content, let’s see what benefits videos offer to real estate agents and how they ultimately lead to more conversions and more business for you.

Videos Generate Reliable Leads

Videos are the key to bringing in potential buyers. A well-produced video with a decent budget is just the nudge buyers need to make first contact with your real estate agency. Cinematic visuals and good camera work are excellent at persuading sellers with a real estate agent, as these videos prove that their properties will be highlighted properly.

Higher ROI

Despite its high initial costs, video marketing provides an impressive return on investment (ROI). 89% of marketers stated that using video gives them a great ROI. Including video on your product page can improve your conversation rate by nearly 300%. More and more companies have begun using videos in their marketing campaigns. This is simply because creating video content is much more profitable.

Including video on your product page can improve your conversation rate by nearly 300%.

Videos Are More Engaging

As we mentioned before, visual information presented as a video is a much better tool to relay information. The stories that can be told through video are extremely engaging. According to Invideo, 94% of their real estate agent clientele agreed that videos are one of the most useful real estate video marketing tools for them as it has helped their clients better understand the properties on offer. Professional shot and produced real estate agent videos relay to customers the authority and experience of your real estate agency. This will make it easier for them to convert into actual clients.

Highly Shareable

Besides being extremely engaging, video content is high in shareability. When users see a cinematic shot of a property, they are more likely to share it with their friends. Social media platforms have made it easier for businesses and customers to share this content. So any video you publish will have a practically infinite life, as it can be continuously shared.

Useful Video Marketing Tips To Stand Out

Now that we have convinced you about the importance and the immense benefits of video marketing for real estate, let’s see some key tips on how to effectively use videos in real estate video marketing.

1. Be Consistent

Capturing the attention of the right customer at the right time does involve a bit of luck. Therefore, you need to be putting out content as frequently as possible. The more people see you, the more likely they will remember you when they think about buying or selling a property.

2. Try To Be Different

Having a unique selling point is critical to stand out in today’s highly saturated industry. Why would any customer pick you over your competitors if your videos do not stand out? That is why you need to show what only you can offer.

A unique selling point is critical to stand out in today’s highly saturated industry.

3. Avoid Selling – Tell Stories

People do not always like being pitched a sale, especially when it is in a long video format, aiming to educate and entertain the viewers. If you can reel them in with your stories, you can begin selling to them subconsciously and thus more effectively.

4. Include CTAs

It is still important to let people know how to contact them. All the best videos in the world will not bring you any business if your viewers do not know the next step. So, fit in a call to action (CTA) wherever you can.

5. Optimise Videos for Search Engines

Videos are great for SEO. Search engines like Google rank websites with well-optimised videos higher. This means including relevant keywords in the title and description of your videos.

6. Focus on customer emotions

We all have heard the saying, “people buy with emotions and later justify it with facts”. So, present facts when it is necessary but always target customer emotions. This can be done by accentuating the feelings that a place may evoke and so on.

Real Estate Video Marketing Service Providers


There is a lot that goes into publishing a real estate video, from multiple shooting of the listing, equipment, and lighting to professional editing. Hence it can be overwhelming for many real estate agencies. The good news is that you can hire a professional marketing agency to do it for you. However, you must be careful while choosing who will be telling your stories. As a real estate agent, you need to present an authentic self to your customers, and this can be hard if you choose the wrong people for the job.

Apex Pro Media

At Apex Pro Media, we work closely with our clients to actualise their vision. Our working relationships with ‘clients’ are approached as partnerships. We build together and work as an extension of a brand or business, utilising our holistic packages and skilled team to achieve your goals. At Apex Pro Media, we use the power of the lens to capture your brand and foster an intimate connection with your target audience.

We offer several video production packages that include various tools and services that address the needs of a venture or business. As a result, we produce creatively rich and influential Video Content that garners attention far and wide.

Our Digital Media and Marketing Services at Apex Pro Media stand ready to help inspire your audience with Professional Video Content and deliver the results you seek. Reach out to us now, and let’s get started.

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Videos are used by over 87% of online marketers.

73% of homeowners say they’re more likely to list with a realtor offering to do a listing video.

On real estate-specific sites, listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than listings without video.

Key reasons to have videos for real estate marketing include reliable lead generation, higher ROI, more engagement, and greater shareability.

Useful marketing tips to stand out include consistency in putting out content, maintaining a unique selling point, focusing on telling stories, including as many CTAs as possible, using SEO to optimise for search engines, and targeting customer emotions.

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