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With Influence, as a forward-thinking Digital Pharmacy, came to us with the ambition to lift its digital presence and boost online sales. Our mission was to leverage our services to help them achieve significant online growth and engagement.


The brand was off to a good start with the founders involvement in influencer marketing. We took advantage of the traction that existed and expanded on it by creating visuals and new funnels with targeted advertising and brand development.

Services Provided by APM

We put together a custom digital marketing plan that matched With Influence’s goals. We took a deep dive, covering everything they wanted to achieve and the strategies needed to succeed:

Targeted Advertising Campaigns

Launched impactful advertising campaigns across varied digital platforms to engage potential customers.

Content Creation and Optimisation

Created content that hit the mark with With Influence’s audience, not just catching their eye but also driving up sales and getting those conversions rolling in.


Employed analytics to fine-tune marketing strategies, ensuring peak performance and ROI.

Brand Guidelines

Established a set of detailed brand guidelines to maintain consistency across all marketing and communication efforts.

Visual Identity

Developed a unified visual identity that accurately embodies With Influence’s brand ethos and connects with its audience.


Developed a unified visual identity that accurately embodies With Influence’s brand ethos and connects with its audience.


We took the brand from images that were taken off of Mobile phones, to professionally curated media shoot to enhance the product appeal and increase the trust of the customers


This collaboration brought about exceptional results, surpassing initial expectations:
  • Successfully generated over 20,000+ orders, contributing more than 50% of the brand sales.
  • Maintained an impressive ROAS of more than 7.74 over a period of 2 years, showcasing the impact of our targeted advertising efforts.
  • Achieved sales exceeding £100,000, translating digital engagement into substantial financial success.
  • Reach: Our campaigns reached over 2 million accounts, significantly broadening With Influence’s digital footprint and enhancing brand awareness.


By using targeted ads, fine-tuning our content, leaning on data for our strategies, and making sure their branding was on point, we managed to help With Influence go beyond what they were aiming for. It’s a solid example of how effective digital marketing can truly boost growth.
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