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Siculo, a Sicilian restaurant based in Wolverhampton, commissioned us to enhance its digital footprint and showcase the rich flavours of Sicily. Our collaboration aimed to introduce Siculo’s first website, capture the essence of Sicilian dining through media, and develop a custom voucher tool.
Siculo’s primary challenge was transitioning from a local favourite to a recognised online presence. The restaurant is renowned for its authentic Sicilian cuisine but lacked a digital platform to share its story, menu, and the ambience of Sicilian hospitality. Additionally, Siculo wanted to provide its patrons with the option to purchase vouchers through their website.
Strategy & Execution
We built a strategy to bring Siculo’s vision to life. Our approach was twofold: to create a digital presence that resonated with the warmth of Sicilian culture and to launch their first website to help them increase organic traffic.

La vita è
breve per
bere vino

We started by creating a brand identity that reflected Siculo’s authentic Sicilian roots. This included a new logo and a colour palette inspired by the Sicilian landscape, from the deep blues of the Mediterranean to the vibrant hues of local produce.
Website Development
We designed and launched Siculo’s first website, focusing on user experience and the visual journey of Sicilian dining. The website serves as a digital gateway for customers to explore the menu, book reservations, and immerse themselves in the world of Siculo from anywhere.
Media Production
To capture the essence of Siculo, we arranged a videography and photography session. These media pieces were meticulously crafted to highlight the restaurant’s dishes, ambience, and preparation process behind each meal, bringing the Sicilian dining experience to life.
Custom Voucher
To enhance customer engagement and retention, we developed a custom voucher tool that offered patrons a way to purchase digital vouchers through the site. These vouchers were designed with the brand’s identity in mind, providing a personalised touch to gift-giving and special occasions.
  • Siculo’s website has become a central hub for attracting new customers and facilitating bookings, significantly increasing foot traffic to the restaurant.
  • The media content produced has been instrumental in showcasing Siculo’s culinary prowess, resulting in heightened interest and engagement on social media platforms.
  • The introduction of custom vouchers has opened a new avenue for customer engagement, with patrons eagerly purchasing them for themselves and as gifts, enhancing the brand’s reach and customer loyalty.
Through strategic branding, media content, and digital solutions, we helped Siculo bridge the gap between traditional dining and digital presence. The journey of Siculo, from a beloved local eatery to a digitally renowned Sicilian restaurant, underscores the power of cohesive branding and digital storytelling in the culinary world.
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