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Illuminate Performing Arts School located in South Birmingham, partnered with us (APM) to reinvent its digital identity and showcase its creative classes tailored for young performers. Seeking to connect more deeply with its audience, Illuminate aimed to infuse its online presence with the same energy and passion found in its classes.
Illuminate’s teaching approach and curriculum needed a stronger reflection in its brand identity and online platforms. The goal was clear: to elevate the school’s online platform to reflect the dynamic and nurturing environment it offered in person. The challenge was to create a branding that was not only visually appealing to children and parents but also accurately represented the school’s approach toward creativity and learning.
Understanding the essence of Illuminate and its target demographic, we set out to create a playful yet cohesive brand identity that would resonate with both parents and children. Our strategy encompassed:
We introduced a spectrum of lively colours and playful fonts to the branding palette, reflecting the vibrant energy of the performing arts and appealing directly to Illuminate’s young audiences.
Leveraging Squarespace for its simplicity, we crafted a user-friendly and visually engaging website. The design incorporated elements like music notes and dynamic curves, symbolising the diverse and creative learning experiences at Illuminate.
Professional photos captured the essence of classes and performances, showcasing the lively, interactive nature of Illuminate’s offerings and the joy of its students.
From roller banners to online content, all materials were designed with Illuminate’s playful new brand identity in mind, ensuring consistency across all touchpoints.
The rebranding and digital enhancements significantly boosted Illuminate’s appeal and online engagement. The refreshed brand identity, coupled with a strategic online presence, successfully attracted a new audience, leading to increased enrolment and community engagement.
I spoke to Apex Pro Media in regards to a rebrand to my performing arts school including a website and marketing materials. I’ve been really happy with the work they have done. They were friendly and couldn’t do enough for me and the work they have produced has been fantastic. They checked in with me every step of the way and made me feel like a part of the process. Excellent customer service. I would highly recommend Apex Pro Media to anyone looking for marketing services.

Kerri-Anne Boyle

The collaboration amplified the business through an enhanced branding on digital presence. By integrating playful visual elements that reflect the essence of Illuminate’s offerings, we revitalised the school’s brand but also laid a solid foundation for its future growth and success in inspiring the next generation of performers.
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