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Client Overview
Aghosh UK is a distinguished non-profit organisation committed to providing care, education, and a nurturing environment for orphaned and abandoned children. With a mission to create a brighter future for these children, Aghosh UK relies heavily on donor support to ensure well-being of their programme’s beneficiaries.
Project Brief

Apex Pro Media consults Aghosh UK for a strong digital presence. The brand relies on social proof and programme reporting to raise funds for philanthropic services like shelter, water, healthcare and education. Since November 2022, APM have provided cross-channel services including digital media, content, design, development and marketing. We coordinated with Aghosh UK staff over project management software and instant messengers and provide them peer-to-peer support across multiple digital channels.

APM Provides Multi-Channel Digital Services
Client Goal
Digital Fundraising for a Digital NGO

Aghosh UK wants to enhance its online visibility, creating transparency on charitable activities, through fostering awareness within its online donor base.

We intend to uplift brand recognition, to amplify brand awareness, to overhaul website technology and enhance lead conversions.

Email Marketing Campaign
  • Used email channels to create empathy and raise funds for multiple programmes.
  • Email Campaigns showcased essential brand messaging such as emergency appeals, programme milestones, success stories.
  • Email Flows automated customer touch points.
Social Media Management
  • Social Media Profiles managed to communicate appeals, activity updates, events news, etc.
  • Social Media Posts showcased programme updates, milestones achieved and routine activities.
  • Content Calendar focused customer education.
Social Media Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click Campaigns employed on Meta for fundraising.
  • Digital Marketing Funnels deployed for brand awareness, customer engagement and lead conversion
  • Landing Webpages for one-click donations.
Website Designing & Development
  • Custom Website Design consisting of website content, graphic images, vector illustrations and JSON animations.
  • Website Development for more than 24 webpages including home, about us, contact us, programmes, landing webpages and more.

This collaboration showcases our commitment to helping Aghosh UK make a digital impact. Our services have reinvigorated their digital presence, improving donor experience, and increased the baseline of donation fundraising. Through strategic email marketing campaigns, expertly managed social media platforms, targeted social media marketing, and a newly developed website, we’ve helped the charity connect with their audience, increase donations, and raise awareness for their cause. The synergy of these services has not only improved their digital footprint but also enabled them to further their mission in a competitive digital landscape.

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