How to effectively use Social Media for Your Real Estate Agency

Social Media is the lifeblood of communications, marketing and all sorts of outreach today. As a business, social media can be your best friend. In this blog, we tell you how to go about effectively using it.

Social Media has become the hub of all marketing needs. It is a highly engaging platform with billions of users. Best of all, it allows businesses to know their target audience at a much better level while getting feedback from them almost instantly. Social Media Marketing for Realtors helps businesses attract customers and build brand loyalty that translates over to long-term returns.

Real Estate Social Media Marketing

To understand the full reach and strength of a Social Media Marketing Strategy for real estate, let us first look at some important statistics.

  • 44% of agents said that they gained a new client in 2020 due to postings on Social Media.
  • According to NAR’s 2021 Technology Survey, Social Media was responsible for over half of all quality leads in the last 12 months.
  • About 99% of millennials, and 90% of baby boomers, begin their home search online. For most of these customers, online includes Social Media Websites.
  • 90% of realtors utilise Facebook as their primary Social Media Platform. Instagram (52%), LinkedIn (48%), and YouTube (24%)

These numbers show how well customers respond to a Social Media Marketing Strategy. With the increase in mobile devices and internet connectivity, nearly every person on the planet is constantly checking their devices. Hence Social Media is one of the best platforms for building an audience. Furthermore, all content can be repurposed for a variety of digital platforms. This makes this marketing strategy the most cost-efficient strategy when it comes to advertising.

Social Media allows realtors to build trust within their communities.

Social Media allows realtors to build trust within their communities. This trust is incredibly vital, as the real estate business is a relationship-based industry. Clients who trust you will let you sell and buy their properties. They’ll be more likely to recommend you to a friend as well.

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The Must-Dos for Real Estate Digital Marketing Strategy

While building a Social Media Marketing Strategy for real estate, it is important to keep certain key elements in mind. You cannot just keep churning out content, hoping it sticks. As a realtor, you need to have a well-sought-out strategy. This is so you do not get overwhelmed by the digital landscape of Social Media Marketing and do not waste time publishing content that does not resonate with your target audience.

You can read more about why you need a Digital Marketing Strategy in our prior blog.

Constantly Deliver Value

Your real estate Social Media Marketing Ideas must constantly deliver value. This means that you should only publish content that in some way informs, educates or even (to some extent) entertains your target audience. As a real estate agency, your customers are looking for a well-informed realtor who they can trust. By sharing informative news and opinions on the current state of the market, you can begin to build this trust.

Keep Learning About Your Audience

Any Social Media Marketing Campaign does not work without knowing your audience. Every piece of content you will post should target the interests and meet their needs. This can be from posting a property listing regarding a particular location or an educational post targeting a specific age group. Your audience will also continue to expand and evolve. It is vital to keep track of all demographic information as this can be used to further improve your Social Media Campaign.

Stay Consistent

Staying consistent is key when it comes to the Social Media game. This applies to businesses and individuals trying to expand their audience. Acquiring a lead does involve a bit of luck. Hence, you need to be putting out content as frequently as possible. The more people see you, the more likely they will be to remember you when they think about buying or selling a property.

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Best Social Platforms for Your Real Estate Agency

Best Social Platforms for your Real Estate Agency

Now that you have some insight regarding the importance of Social Media Marketing and know some of the important things to look out for when building your Marketing Strategy, let us look at some of the best platforms for your Real Estate Social Media Marketing.

Facebook Marketing For Realtors

Facebook is the most popular Social Media Platform amongst realtors for marketing.

Facebook is the most popular Social Media Platform amongst realtors for marketing. Not only is it the most commonly used platform, but it is also incredibly popular among those that are in the home-buying and selling phases of their lives. Facebook allows businesses to know more about you and what you do, understand that you’re a community member, and share things in common with them. This gives them the social proof they need to trust you with a real estate transaction.

When it comes to Facebook, the content that goes into your posts can be what decides whether it draws traffic or just fades into the background. That is why it’s important to focus on content writing. It’s a kind of art in itself, and we have a dedicated blog for you to master How to Promote Your Real Estate Agency Through Content Writing.

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Instagram Marketing For Realtors

Instagram is also a Social Media Platform, but it is focused entirely on photos and videos. Due to this format, the nature of marketing on Instagram is different. Rather than converting your audience, you can showcase your personality through the visuals you share.

LinkedIn Marketing For Realtors

LinkedIn is a Social Media Platform for professionals to connect with others about work. Most users are focused on bettering themselves professionally and financially. The average user is also much more informed and educated. Hence the only successful realtors on LinkedIn are those who have already established themselves in the market. But this should not dampen your spirits as you can still slowly build your profile with very high-quality posts.

TikTok Marketing For Realtors

Tiktok is the leading destination for short-form content. Bite-size content curated to instantly catch viewers’ interest. TikTok is popular amongst millennials and Gen Z. So if you want to capture that particular audience, TikTok may be your go-to place. Just remember to use enticing visuals and a good story to really draw your audience.


Real Estate Social Media Marketing Ideas Cheat Sheet

Real Estate Social Media Marketing Ideas Cheat Sheet

You may be new to the whole Social Media Marketing game, or you might be looking for some fresh ideas to post on your Real Estate Social Media Account. Below are some of the best Real Estate Social Media Marketing Ideas to engage and educate your audience.

1. Property Videos and Tours

Videos are better at retaining customer interest.

It is no secret that videos are better at retaining customer interest. Furthermore, they can easily relay important information. Videos have become the leading cause for increased interest in a property, with properties showcased on a video selling much faster than those without.

2. Customer Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are other key elements of a successful Social Media Campaign. Your comment section will give a good idea of your reputation in the market. You can take a step further by publishing full-length video testimonials of happy customers.

3. Go live

Although going live can be troublesome to arrange and plan, it is extremely engaging. People love tuning in to live sessions on Social Media. You can use this feature on Facebook or Instagram to maybe answer some questions.

4. Answer FAQs

A FAQ section is a must for any business. Especially as a real estate agent, people are looking to you for guidance and information. You can post the most common questions people usually come to you with. This will further your aim of building trust.

5. Share Realtor Profiles

Another great way of building trust is to post realtor profiles. A nice professional headshot with a small introduction of all the realtors in your company is a great way to introduce yourself to your audience.

6. New Listings and Properties

You never know when someone is looking for a particular listing or property. You can post your daily listing on stories or posts across all your Social Media Platforms. This can be seen as exclusive to your customers and makes it easier for them to contact you regarding a particular piece of property.

7. Company Milestones

Sharing your success and milestones as a business is important. It may seem shallow to post your accomplishments, but as a real estate agency, this will foster confidence and attract more customers.

These ideas are the most prominent ones. If you are looking for more ideas to expand your Real Estate Agency’s Social Media Marketing, reach out to us at Apex Pro Media and we will develop bespoke ideas.

Real Estate Social Media Marketing Services

Getting brand awareness and growing an audience on Social Media takes significant time, effort, and know-how. The best Real Estate Social Media Marketing Companies provide content creation, advertising, automation, and more expertise to ensure your investment produces leads and engagement. Curating a Social Media Marketing Strategy for a real estate agency takes insight into the industry and customer persona. Moreover, this strategy needs to be constantly tweaked and optimised according to the ever-changing market and customer personas. Hence why you should only work with the Best.

Apex Pro Media

We are a Social Media Marketing agency based on Birmingham. Our Social Media Management Services are wide-ranging and optimised to help your brand intimately engage with your audience, customers and stakeholders whilst providing a launchpad to represent yourself to the broader world.

At Apex Pro Media, our Social Media Strategists deliver success through the efficient and effective use of Brand-Building and Audience Engagement tools. When the right person engages with your brand, we ensure that they make a lasting connection.

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  • Social Media allows realtors to build trust within their communities.
  • Your real estate Social Media Marketing Ideas must constantly deliver value.
  • Keep track of all demographic information, as this can be used to further improve your Social Media Campaign.
  • Put out content frequently in order to increase your brand recognition.
  • Make sure to use Facebook. It’s a versatile tool, and 90% of realtors use it.
  • Use Instagram to showcase your brand’s personality.
  • Use LinkedIn to build connections and put your business on the same footing as other successful counterparts.
  • Use TikTok to reach younger demographics.
  • Videos are great at retaining customer interest and should be actively considered for Social Media Marketing Ideas.
  • Testimonials, FAQs, detailed profiles, and new listings are also tried and tested successful Social Media Marketing Ideas that you should adopt.
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