Digital Marketing For Your Brands

How can Digital Marketing translate into your brands increased discovery?

The confusion and ambiguity surrounding digital marketing is nothing new, as our marketing trends evolve over a period, so does our confusion around it. So, what is it that marketing has now morphed into in this modern digital landscape, and more importantly, how can you use it to your and your brand’s advantage?

I need you to remove all you have previously held as the ground truths for marketing, how it functions, and in what ways it affects our lives; no more is marketing about the amount of newspapers and billboards you can fill, instead how you can connect with people by communicating your vision and ideas, by imparting meaning and purpose, and by rallying people behind causes.

Digital marketing has broken the barriers enforced by big corporations and has leveled the playing field by giving the people power over who they want to connect or do business with.

Digital Marketing is about using all the social and search platforms to reach the people that matter to your business. As the tools become more fluid and smart, it is becoming increasingly possible to show your business to only relevant people by choosing who sees it and where it is shown. What used to be a hit or miss is now a continuously improving system that highlights how you can play a more interpersonal role in the lives of your customers.

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A misconception surrounding marketing still is that you need a multi-million dollar agency with a staff of a hundred people to be able to take advantages of the miracles of marketing, that is not true at all, either is it true that you need to be simultaneously be marketing on every digital platform left and right to stay relevant.

The opposite is true if anything, by going digital you are not investing in every platform people are on, rather the platforms where your desired users are, while also being easy on your pocket, because you are at the end not bombarding millions of people with your ads and expecting a few to stick, but just focusing on how to strategically bring in the people who would love your products.

It is vital to know where your users go, and to do that you can either try and see where your competitors are marketing themselves, or a wiser option would be to hire a digital marketing agency to do an audit for your brand, products or services. The audit will provide you with enough information to make an informed decision on which platform is right for you.

Once you know which platform your users are on, you need to know what they are searching for. By optimising your social and web platforms by feeding tag-words and data to the algorithms who to show your business to, you are on your way to your digital success.

The following are the top platforms to be Marketed on in 2020:

If you want to know more on where your brand stands, you can ask us to do a Free Digital Marketing Audit for your brand.